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Every vendor at the West Side Market is a local, small business owner. Personalized service, quality food, and creativity fuel their mission to serve you. You can download a map of the Market or use the Vendor Directory, below, to find your favorite vendors and learn more about their story and offerings.

Vendor Directory

Vendor NameStand #HoursContact
Kauffman PoultryB-3/C-3Website:
Phone: 216.771.5540
Pinzone's MeatsB-4/B-5Website:
Phone: 216.621.2498
J&J MeatsB-6Website
Phone: 216.696.7083
Dionne's PoultryB-7Website:
Phone: 216.696.0933
Czuchraj MeatsB-10/B-11Website:
Phone: 216.696.7083
M&M Foods/Toney's BaloneyC-4/C-5Website:
Phone: 216.312.8149
Tayse MeatsC-6Website:
Phone: 216.664.1799
Dionne's MeatsC-8/C-9Website:
Phone: 216.696.0933
Nonno Joe's DeliC-7Website:
Phone: 216.696.0934
Walker MeatsD-3Website:
Phone: 216.566.8387
Phone: 216.781.1446
EDW. Badstuber & SonD-9Website:
Phone: 216.781.7388
Turczyk's MeatsD-10/D-11Website:
Phone: 216.241.1540
Wiencek's PoultryD-12Website:
Phone: 216.687.1831

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